Global Hostility Toward China

Here is an article that appeared in today’s Washington Post that describes international hostility towards China.  The article says that China has become so large and powerful that other nations fear it.  China’s growth has also “generate[d] envy and, at times, violent hostility.”  Even though this initial idea goes against what we have said in class about the stereotypical Asian figure as quiet, submissive, and inferior, there are traces of the stereotypical image throughout the article.  An attack is described on a Chinese owner center in Kyrgyzstan, and the owner is cited as saying there was nothing he would do to stop it, and he ordered the security guards not to intervene.  There is also the feeling of being  unaccepted.  Another person is cited as saying it is hard to be Chinese, even in the center.

I think it’s also important to note that in a week and a half, this is the third article I’ve seen about China on the front page of the Washington Post.  I have not seen anything on the front page about other Asian nations.  Do you think that there is just more prevalent news about China at the moment, or is China just being focussed on in the press?

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