Racist Halloween Costumes

With Halloween coming up I thought it was interesting to talk about the various costumes available that are a little bit racist and a little bit offensive when it comes right down to it. I ran across this site Is your Halloween Costume Racist? and although the article is a little silly and lighthearted, it does raise some very interesting questions. I’m not sure that I have the answers to them, but I thought I’d post this just for a little Halloween fun 🙂

4 Responses to “Racist Halloween Costumes”

  1. stefany Says:

    First of all, the article on this web site is hilarious.
    Second of all, this article made me feel a little guilty because in my trick-or-treating days I have dressed up as two of the costumes on the list (an Indian Princess and a Greek Goddess), but I think I get a little leeway because I was young and naive.
    Anyway, thanks for the great link.

  2. kciliber Says:

    Aww you beat me to this. Anyway, I saw one of the workers at Seaco wearing one of these costumes (the young female blond-ish worker who makes sandwiches in the middle room.) She wore pants underneath the costume though. While I was waiting at the stir-fry line, the stir-fry cook (Billy) commented on her costume and started speaking with a stereotypical Chinese accent. Anyway, yeah, these costumes exoticize non-western women (generally.) But then again, Halloween costumes exoticize/sexualize everyone really. I’ve seen a German bargirl costume too. No one is safe!

  3. kciliber Says:

    Wait I forgot to mention something. It’s interesting how in these pictures with the Asian costumes the models are all female. I wonder what that means. Could that suggest the projection of the myth involving hyper-sexualizing/exoticizing Asian women on white women? Could costume companies be projecting “desirable” attributes imagined in Asian women (such as timidness, obedience, hyper-feminine) in white women.

  4. mpowers2 Says:

    I think you last post is a half truth. Halloween customs for women have been becoming a little more racy for a while. And I think you can see the “hyper-sexualizing/exoticizing” of women on Halloween from every culture. Not just from Asian female culture. As this slate magazine link shows, eve the women from pandora are objectified on Halloween. http://www.slate.com/id/2272751/