“Speaking to the identity of Chinese children in U.S.”

Today’s Washington Post had an interesting article in the Metro section about white Americans adopting Chinese children and the potential cultural conflict those children may feel later in life due to their lack of experience in their own cultural heritage.  To prevent this, many white parents, such as those described in the article, decorate their home to resemble a “Shanghai apartment . . . and enroll[ their children] in Mandarin classes on the weekend.” While looking for the article online, I found this accompanying photo essay .

One Response to ““Speaking to the identity of Chinese children in U.S.””

  1. Upma Says:

    While I do think “resembling a Shanghai apartment” may be overdoing it a little, I actually admire the steps these parents are taking. I would assume that most kids who are adopted are curious about the culture and heritage which they come from at some point during their lives. If anything, I suppose the parents are preparing both the kids and themselves for that time.

    I haven’t seen anything wrong with this..yet, I suppose. I may soon but for now, nothing.