Matching Stories

I liked the idea of matching/complementary/mirroring stories, but I thought that the stories “Ms. Sens” and “A Real Durwan” could also be paired up. Ms. Sens and Boori Ma both find their current lives unsatisfactory, both feel helpless in their situations (though whether or not they are helpless is up to debate), other characters dominate them (Mr. Sens, everyone else in that apartment of Boori Ma), and both live in the past. Also, both characters seem to have romanticized the past; they don’t seem to acknowledge the negative memories along with the positive ones. As for differences, Boori Ma relishes the (alleged) wealth she enjoyed and how people served her, while Ms. Sens enjoyed the sense of community in her hometown. So Boori Ma seems to enjoy how separated she was from other people (in wealth), how she was elevated above people, but Ms. Sens likes that she was a part of a group. However, this could also be turned into a similarity in that Boori Ma could relish the inter-dependence–the wealthy rely on the servants, while the servants rely on the wealthy for wages as does Ms. Sens, since she appreciated the cohesiveness and cooperation in a community.

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