Modern Family

I was catching up on some Modern Family episodes last week at home when my extra-sensitive Asian-stereotyping-radar went off during this episode.  For those of you who haven’t seen the show, Cam and Mitch are a couple who have adopted a Vietnamese daughter.  In this episode, Cam goes behind Mitch’s back and signs Lily (the daughter) up to be in a commercial.  Little does Cam know that the commercial is a ridiculous Asian stereotype and the producers only wanted Lily because she’s Asian.  Watch and be disgusted (while also wanting to laugh at the disgusting-ness).

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5 Responses to “Modern Family”

  1. ukapoor Says:

    I loved this episode. So racially insensitive. Remember the episodes with the Asian pediatrician? Especially when she comes to their house and is like, “My mother wanted me to be an Asian stereotype, but that’s the last thing I wanted” and then she crashes her car into the trash can…
    That was fun.

  2. Frances Womble Says:

    I love Modern Family! This was an excellent stereotype clip with the Chinese voice-overs and the Vietnamese babies.

  3. kciliber Says:

    Yeah there’s a billion scenes from “Modern Family” where they highlight racially insensitive comments from characters. Remember when Cameron kept hassling the pediatrician about how they were going to raise the baby with influence from the child’s culture–and then explained that they had already hung up some artwork from Asia? That scene brought up an interesting question–how much of the child’s heritage needs to be introduced to him/her after adoption?

  4. sarahdawes Says:

    Yep, SO many scenes like this one in Modern Family. There are also a lot revolving around Gloria and her being from Colombia, like the Halloween episode when she spends the entire time speaking in a “proper English accent” because of Jay’s criticism. Or in the episode when she’s constantly late for things and Jay says something about how her growing up around gangs and drug dealers in Colombia should have made her quicker on her feet. So many hits at other cultures in this show! CRAZY.

  5. sdelaney Says:

    SarahDawes is my hero for posting Modern Family on our blog 🙂 Anyhow, i too noticed this scene in the episode, and i think the creators of modern family have done a very interesting thing. modern family is Unlike so many shows that include stereotyped behavior as serious, making it seem like its okay to do fake accents on the commercial with asian babies, or make fun of people because their cultures are different. But Modern Family is different, they highlight racially charged topics, but then include ways to have their audience realize the potential harm in them, even if it just means hurting someones feelings to something bigger than not getting into preschool.)the preschool episode is the one where cam and mitchell try to use the fact that they are gay parents of an asian daughter to help them get her into the ritzy preschool only to be thwarted by the handicapped, biracial, lesbian couple with an ethnically different child) Anyhow, Bravo Modern Family, I think you are breaking the mold and doing a spectacular job of it.