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Friday, December 3rd, 2010

I stumbled across the blog last year and I found it really entertaining. Although it is really funny, it is also insults Asian people’s use of English. This site basically makes fun of Asia’s attempt at English grammar. The site is called Engrish because there is an inside joke between Asian Americans about how English is slurred  to sound like “engrish” by first generation immigrants, generally their parents. Hope this brings some laughs to you all.

Foot binding is not a fetish!

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Last semester I took History 368 (Gender in Chinese History) and we had a workshop about foot binding. Here is a link to a journal that was written by Dorothy Ko on how the meaning of foot binding shifted in the late Qing era of China. Also if you want to know more about foot binding, she has a very interesting book called “Cinderella’s Sister.” Contrary to many people’s belief, foot binding did not occur because Chinese men were obsessed with tiny feet. The foot was made to be shaped into a lotus, a symbolic flower known for it’s beauty. Although this practice is very horrifying, it can also be compared to many modern day fashions and how every culture symbolizes the body.

Side Note: Since the pdf link is actually from another class and I don’t have Dorothy Ko’s permission to link her essay on this blog, I will leave it up for a week and then take it down.

Effeminization of Asian Males

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Here is a link to an article from “The Examiner” that discusses how Hollywood ‘white washes’ Asian characters in movies. The article mainly focuses on Asian male characters that are ‘white washed’ so I though it correlates with our discussion in class about the stereotypical effeminate image of asian males that Westeners think of. When lead roles (mostly hero roles) are supposed to be Asian male characters, they are typically casted white American males. But, Asian males are used for side characters or comical characters.