A friend sent this to me a billion years ago but for some reason I didn’t realize that I could post it here. I like the array of issues that he mentions in this song a lot–some I feel aren’t discussed. One of the most striking parts in this song that I liked was about how some people make fun of the Bindi and he points out that “no one makes fun of your cross,” but the most moving part for me was when the rapper mentions “tired of well-to-do Asians only chasing wealth,” which goes along with the myth of the “model minority”–once a group “makes it” in the dominant society, many individuals of that group don’t develop an interest in helping other members of that marginalized group. The people who don’t fit into the “model minority” get ignored or are considered “un-Asian.” Either way, the Model Minority myth continues to prevent Asians (and some would argue, other marginalized populations as well, since some tell black/hispanics that the Asians made it so they’re only being lazy, as if all minorities have the same level of obstacles in gaining financial success/histories) from lobbying against discrimination.

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  1. mpowers2 Says:

    The model minority is an interesting issue that you raise. Until taking this class I don’t think I had fully appreciated it. This also presents an interesting double standard for other immigrant groups. The most interesting of which I feel are the Irish. When the Irish immigrated to America they were persecuted and discriminated against, no doubt. But the unique thing about the Irish (as well as the French, Germans etc.) is that they look no different than the decedents of anglo/English immigrant decedents who came before them. All these ethnic groups have to do is to loose the accent/language and loose the catholicism and they become fully americanized. This is not quite as easy for other ethnics groups as this rapper points out. Nice link.