Stuff Asian People Like

What do you guys think of this?

I think it shows the impossibility of smooshing various Asian cultures into one pan-Asian culture. There’s constantly a stream of comments below every post where some specific ethnic group complains how no one from that group subscribes to whatever is being discussed in the post or hailed as an “Asian” activity/food/behavior. The entries and the comments posted also go along with the idea that the umbrella term “Asian” really is only political.

By the way, I hope no one mentioned this site before–but I’m too lazy to check.

2 Responses to “Stuff Asian People Like”

  1. RhinestoneintheRough Says:

    At first I thought I’d heard of this site before, but then I realized I was thinking of this one:

    I found the book before I knew about the website and after flipping through it, I identify with several items on the list. Personally, I think it’s (the stuff white people like, not the stuff asian people like – I haven’t read any of those entries) kind of funny. I agree with the dissenters about that it’s probably reductive to Asian culture, but sometimes, just sometimes I think people need to learn to take a joke


  2. Debby Says:

    I thought the list was pretty funny, but also somewhat truthful. Being part of an Asian community, I can vouch for some of the things on the list. The list includes some specific things like Asian stars. I do agree that this list is stereotypical. Obviously, every Asian person does not like all those things listed. It is important to keep in mind that the list does not apply to only Asian people though. Many things on the list could easily be liked by people all over the world so categorizing the likes of a culture is problematic.