Japanese Fortune Cookie

I posted this link in a comment on Kathleen’s Foreign and yet Familiar blog entry, but I think this article’s pretty cool so I decided to create a separate post for it too.  The writer, Jennifer Lee, discusses how the beloved, ubiquitous and flavorless Chinese Fortune cookie actually has origins in Japan.  Whenever I eat Chinese my meal feels incomplete without one, but maybe I should start eating them after I get some Japanese. Although, as Derrick Wong, a fortune cookie manufacturer, points out, “The Japanese may have invented the fortune cookie. But the Chinese people really explored the potential of the fortune cookie. It’s Chinese-American culture. It only happens here, not in China.”

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  1. Debby Says:

    The article was really interesting! I had always believed that fortune cookies were an American product and it was a way Americans exoticized Asians. I think that this is similar to Beu Sia’s claim that egg rolls are an American invention. Many Asian foods in America are extremely Americanized. Almost to the point where it doesn’t even resemble the original recipe. For example, General Tsao’s chicken, is not chinese. There is not such thing in Chinese cuisine. (I know because I’ve been to China). It is interesting how Asian foods in America are inapproriately categorized.