Watanna/Eaton sites

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

In a weird coincidence, today I googled a professor in Canada I might send a conference abstract to, and it caught my eye that she had been involved in an exhibit of Watanna’s books that had been found in the library of her small university, Mount Allison (remember that Watanna was from Canada originally).  The site has images of some books and info on the author and the symposium they had about her, including links to some papers that I THINK are from undergraduate students.  Interesting that the whole site calls her “Winnifred Eaton” pretty insistently (and note that some things show her name as Winnifred Reeve, which was her married name in her second marriage, after Babcock).  Here is the link.  Also, the symposium’s main speaker, who was from Loyola in Maryland, maintained a digital site of writings.  The link at Mount Allison’s site is now defunct, but I traced some of the works here.