How To Date an Indian in the Most Culturally Reductive Way Possible

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

I’m an avid reader of Feministing, and this summer one of their bloggers linked to an…interesting….article on the Huffington Post. The piece, written by a presumably American woman who is married to an Indian man, details a few steps that will help a person outside of the Indian culture get points with their prospective Indian date.

At first I found this article more humorous than necessarily offensive, but in reflecting on it, even if the stereotypes being promoted within the article aren’t exactly negative, they’re still stereotypes. I think the worst thing about this article is that it doesn’t actually encourage any real engagement with another person’s culture. It says “Hey, use Google translator to learn a cute nonsense phrase like ‘I wear my shoes on my hands’ to say ‘look I put minimal effort into trying to make you think I’m learning your language’ and then watch lots of Bollywood movies so that you can make witty references to them in conversation! Don’t forget to have an opinion on an actor you know nothing about!”

The Huffington Post is not a place I’d go to for any real and informative information, and from my understanding it’s got a pretty terrible reputation on the internet, but I think that it proves a point that there’s still a lot of people who don’t see a need to take an active interest the different cultures we encounter every day.